1. Work in progress

This document is being drafted as the website is being built. The website is a beta test website for personal use and experiments around topics of interest. 

2. Google Analytics

This website uses “Google Site Kit” to provide simple, anonymous, measures of the website audience. It allows us to determine the country of origin, the favorite browser, the referral links, and other global data about the site’s traffic and search results that led to our pages.

3. E-mail for downloadables

An email is requested in order to receive some documents available publicly. 

This is not made with the objective of collecting emails for a future newsletter but is viewed as a way to protect the document’s value and quality.  It is because they are not downloaded anonymously that we are motivated to provide quality documents.

4. Cookies & Captcha

This website uses cookies and captcha to identify users and avoid malicious or abusive behaviors. 


5. Your Data Rights

Non Registered visitors


6. Contact

For any concerns, contact me directly through the “linked-in” link at the bottom of this page.