This website is a now a personal website.

1. E-mail for downloadables

An email is requested in order to receive some documents available for free.  The downloadable files require a valid e-mail address in order to receive a download link to visitors. 

This method allows to control the diffusion of document, to exclude bots and spammer whenever possible,  to control attached copyrights, and  improves the bandwidth and availability of the website and included documents. 

A user account is not necessary. 

2. Cookies & Captcha

This website uses cookies and captcha to detect bots and exclude malicious and/or abusive behaviors as much as possible. 

3. Your Data Rights

Your information is not logged or recorded on this website. 

Your email is not used for advertising or for newsletters. 

Your email is deleted shortly after the download link has been sent. 

You are not required to have a user account to download files. 

As a consequence, the concerned data right are:

– right of information about the methods and data collected, which is ensured by this data policy.

– right of deletion: you can request the deletion of the email collected to send you the requested document. This is why your email is deleted shortly after your download. 

– user accounts: there is no possibility to create a user account on this website Therefore, there is no data to access or to delete 

4. Contact

For any concerns, contact me directly through the “linked-in” link at the bottom of this page.