KYC  by founders for Investors

  • Before an ICO, founders take the initiative  to document themselves and the company with independant legal authorities as set-forth by our process.
  • Then, the founders offers these documents to investors as a token of good faith. 
  • Founders decide wether access to the document is granted after their approval, or freely accessible, or other formulas. 

Advantages and interests

  • Blockchain Entrepreneurs should take the initiative of identifying themselves and their company as a strong comitment to the success of the company, and that they will not “evaporate” after cashing tokens or stealing mining rigs.
  • By embracing their liability as any other company representative, founders guarantee full dedication and responsibilities to make the project succeed.
  • Moreover, the process is based on actual legal and judicial authorities, impartial and independant, who will not  


  •  A judicial document is drafted by an independant legal authority: “constat d’huissier” in France, “bailiff report” in the UK, and their equivalent in countries with such institutions as set forth in european and international conventions.
  • Then, additional levels of authority can be added to this foundation, which can be a service paid by the requester or paid in advance by the founders.


In order to be able to centralize the dispatching of documents to investors and whoever requests it, we must make sure that the documents are authentic. Eventhough the  process can be transposed to most countries, possible travel costs makes it sometime unresonable. In such cases, we can work together to find the best way to achieve similar results.

MDTI LEGAL is based in Paris, France, which is a central european hub close to London, Bruxelles by eurostar and any other major city by plane.