GDPR can be used productively to make your company grow faster.

For many busines, GDPR is still perceived as a “barrier to entry” because of the heavy obligations it imposes and the threat of multi-million fines.

In reality, GDPR is an opportunity to use the same tools as your competitors.

MDTI-Legal defines GDPR compliance by analizing your business model, working with your developpers, or benchmarking SaaS tools, in order to ensure that the “privacy by design” that is enforceable under GDPR, is indeed implemented at the design stage of your new  business ideas. 

EU Rep v 2.0 for companies outside the EU

MDTI Legal is an EU Representative with a forward thinking proposal. Recently, EU data authorities have issued a EU Rep “best practice guide” that confirmed that our approach gives the best options and is recognized as a “best practice” for all represented parties (Companies, Lawyers, DPOs, EU Reps)

We also have a 3 months program toward compliance, at the end of which MDTI-Legal opts-in to be EU Rep (through a different structure to be launched at the end of 2018). Indeed we think EU reps must not confuse their mission with the one of an legal attorney or DPO.

EU Representation is required for non-EU companies only.

Contact us whether you need long-term or immediate EU Representation.


Let us organize your EU+California Data Compliance with a Legal Expert in the Bay Area or LA.