Company law

  • Company creation and registration.
  • Shareholder’s agreements
  • Tax law, labor law

Economic Law

Economic law applies to physical and digital goods and services, in particular distribution networks, unlawful competition, sales contracts, advertising and consumer law.

Economic  law allows to draft all kind of local or international commercial contracts, partnerships and sponsorships, and to resolve related disputes.

Economic law includes French law, European law and International Private law, and is in the jurisdiction of commercial and arbitration courts.

Did you know that English is an official language in the Commercial Courts of Paris

Data Privacy

  • Production of all GDPR legal documentation. 
  • Hands-on experience of software design and logic allows to work with developpers to guide the implementation necessary “legal compliance features” in software, apps and  web services, in particular when they are at private alpha/beta stages. 
  • EU Representation (begining 2019 through a separate entity)