Business Model improvements

By working on many projects at inception and pre-funding stages, since 2016, MDTI  gathered experience that will help define your Blockchain project in a much clearer way. Your idea is great, but it needs to be financed: investors will not invest on great ideas supported by shallow implementation. It is also an opportunity to invent something new!  Try us and you will see how we can help on all and every aspects of your projects. 

Legal Opinions and reviews

Know Your Coin!  A legal Opinion is a legal analysis of the project. It can be made available to investors and to the public as part of the ICO documentation.

Legal reviews are private legal opinions from a lawyer to a client. Private review generally include recommendations on both legal and technical aspects, are related to implementatioon and governance.  In any case, they are in-depth analysis that take multiple dimensions of the project into account:

Investors KYC (Know Your Company)

Team and Advisor Contracts

ICO Terms


Capped Fees

Lawyers often take pro-bono fees on ICOs that they helped succeed. The percentage is often 3% to 5% of the funds, depending on market condition and the implication of the legal team or advisor.

MDTI-Legal also applies pro-bono fees, but fees are capped: eventhouh we helped your project become real, acting as a true partner and advisor, investors are investing on a project and its team, not on the audit and legal teams that are necessary for the ICO only. Our fees are capped because we do not need a full stake in the project, and want to see the funds used for the project itself.  


We opt-in on your project once we are sure the project is serious.

Non-EU ICO /Blockchain projects / STO

MDTI manages Pure-Rep, EU Representative art 27 GDPR, for non-EU companies.

The EU representative function is a seperate service that cannot be mixed with legal advices for ICO due to potential conflicts of interests.

It allows foreign start-up to continue working with their local – non-EU – lawyers and get a focussed EU Representative with no other stake in the project.

There is a special formula for Pre-ICOs, which is valid at least until the end of the ICO. It should make it easier to finalize GDPR compliance for many start-ups.