Fees are payable in 25 fiat curencies as well as cryptocurrencies. 

Wallet to Wallet for BTC and ETH. Other cryptocurrencies may be available through your online bank account. 

Wallet to Wallet

As the legal profession is regulated, there are things we can do, and things we cannot. 

If you do not have a multi-currency/crypto online bank, then wallet to wallet transactions are possible. 

  • The amount is invoiced in euros, and the amount received should be equivalent to the invoiced amount, with a variation of x% accepted between the parties (between 0 and 3% – to be decided to reflect  current variation of rates) . 
  • In case of serious depreciation or appreciation  of the cryptocurrency, it should always be possible for either the client and the lawyer to revert back to Fiat for 100% of the invoices and get back amounts received or paid in excess.  

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