MDTI now manages, EU Representative art 27 GDPR, for non-EU companies.

The service allows foreign start-ups to continue working with their local non-EU lawyers and get a focussed EU Representative with no other stake in the project than its Rep mission. EU Lawyers can register their clients and get an EU Rep who is more in line with best practices.

Non-EU lawyers as well as EU lawyers with active bar registration and relevant certification(s) such as CIPP/E – or relevant track of experience – get better conditions.

There is a special formula for Non-EU Pre-ICOs, which is valid at least until the end of the ICO. It should make it easier to finalize GDPR compliance for many start-ups, and also be painless in case the soft cap is not reached. The formula is not open to STOs. STOs are eligible to the “Regular” and “Large” formulas.

MDTI also gives GDPR advices to local French companies and online start-ups (in French).