MDTI-Legal used to manage, EU Representative (art 27 GDPR) for non-EU companies. The EU Rep is not a mailbox, but an entity that controls EU companies manipulating data for non-EU companies.

The service is no longer available as it has became an insurance rather than a legal activity, where most customers were looking for someone to pay fines on their behalf, which is of course incompatible with the function of EU Rep, and with international procedures as mentionned in the GDPR.

This did not concern the EU Rep liability for its own mistakes or negligence, which is normal and was the basis of Pure-Rep as a real professional service, not a simple mailbox that is nowdays available in any software or CMS.

MDTi Legal still provides accurate GDPR advices, both as a consultant recommanding compliant software, as well as a lawyer drafting your policies and checking your user processes with or without a CRM perspective (“with” is generally better, in particular when you want to differentiate from your competitors or want to make life easier for your visitors, customers or members).

In parallel, I had to put down because I needed the server space to experiment with some wordpress plugins and page builders on marketplaces and payment systems issues. will be re-activated soon. Also, I wanted to rebuild the directory with something more “modern” and custom (my own CPT/Taxonomies/dynamic filters). is a blog referencing “future tech”, unicorns, and promissing start-ups and is based on data from CB insights, bloomberg, and crunchbase, and provides multimedia content promoting each company.

It should be back online before september 2019.

In the meantime, enjoy the summer time !